I will ship on Mondays ONLY to avoid them being held over the weekend.
I will ship with priority 1-3 days when shipped.

Shipping will be sent to you the day it is shipped, you can set up text alerts for updates to ensure they arent sitting outside for too long.

If the weather is under 45F or above 85F, I HIGHLY recommend you contact your local post office to have it held at the post office for pick up.
I guarantee them all to arrive alive, but this guarantee will be void if you do NOT have it held at the post office and you send evidence within 2 hours after arrival. If I receive the evidence within 2 hours of delivery, I will send replacements with no extra cost to you. Just send me a video with a pushpin through the isopod that arrived DOA.

If theres any questions or concerns, please message me! Your satisfaction is very important to me.

Dairy Cow Isopods